This search feature allows you to look for business & real estate related information using a Physical Address or Zipcode

Pro Version

The professional level version provides all the information that those in the development business need to make intelligent decisions about land investment and development, including general news, trade news, maps showing the locations of related news items, file access, messaging, and much more.

Pro Version Expanded

This page lets you expand sections like News, Places to see more content.

Edit, Write notes to your Images

Edit existing images, docs and much more.. Add Notes to your images. Save them to your Dashboard and share them with your contacts.

Get Public version

Our proprietary mapping system shows a single map with pins integrated from a wide variety of news sources.

Public Version Expanded

Send Messages

Sender makes following choices:
  1) What physical location she/he is trying to contact
  2) Sender chooses between a private message, which can only go to a single address, or a public message, which can go to multiple addresses within a defined area.
  3)To contact via physical mailing address, if one exists or tax map parcel number
  4)Using the messaging system supplied in the system, user composes message and add any images or other inserts via the system's file process
Private messages are free, public messages are charged to the user through the system when they are sent.
For paid messages, user enters address or tax map system and selects high widely they want the message to be disbursed, and sytem charges more automaticaly for wider disbursement.

Latest Messages

Logged in user sees all public messages and any private messages sent to the address associated with their account.
User not logged in sees all public messages within the map area they have selected.

Show Messages

User has ability to block messages from any sender, both private and public.
User can reply within system to any sender, public or private, and make the reply either public or private.
User can also choose which category of messages they will recieve from public senders. For instance, those pertaining to home sales, building materials promotions, notes regarding animals lost or found, communty events, etc.

Upload Files

This page allows you to upload multiple files of different types for any specific address.

File Options

This page allows you to manage your files. Share them with your contacts.

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